Static Site Generation with MkDocs

August 24, 2021

How to pronounce "MkDocs"

  • "McDocs"
  • "M-K Docs"
  • "Mark Docs"

Feedback survey results

  • Most people like the current time. Some would like it during the workday.
  • Most people like the monthly cadence. Some would like it to be multiple times a month.
  • The topics people are most interested in seeing in future meetups are:
    • Web / API (Django, FastAPI, BeautifulSoup, ...)
    • Machine Learning (sklearn, TensorFlow, PyTorch, ...)
    • Data Analytics (numpy, pandas, ...)
  • People are interested in attending in person.
  • Some people are interested in beginner level topics / subgroup.

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  1. Getting started with MkDocs
  2. Adding some content
  3. Customizing the look and feel of your site
  4. Hosting your site

Sites that use MkDocs:

Getting started with MkDocs

What is MkDocs?

  • Static site generator that's geared towards building project documentation
  • Source files are written in Markdown
  • Configured with a single YAML configuration file

Let's grab some code

git clone
cd ./MkDocsTemplate

# (optional)
# python -m virtualenv .venv
# .venv/Scripts/Activate.ps1

pip install -r requirements.txt
mkdocs serve

Let's add some content

git checkout origin/clone-force-99

Let's make it look better

git checkout origin/clone-force-99-v2

Let's take a look at GitHub Pages


MkDocs & Material for MkDocs can be used to quickly and easily make a nice looking site for documentation or anything else.


Thank you all for coming! 👋