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Spokane Python User Group

🚨 We are looking for speakers to present in 2023!

Upcoming Meetups

June Meetup

June, 20 2023 | Meetup | Stream

This presentation will focus on Streamlit, an open-source app framework for creating web apps. No front-end development required (unless you want to customize the CSS of the app). Anything you can draw in a Python application can be displayed seamlessly in your Streamlit web app. This includes interactive plots from libraries like Matplotlib, Plotly and all the rest. Streamlit also features typical HTML-equivalent elements to create modern layouts and multi-page websites.

We'll walk through the process of creating and hosting a Streamlit web app for an existing machine learning project focused on video game industry patterns.

Hosted by Corey Farmer. In-person and online.

Coffee & Code

Every 1st Monday of the month @ 7am | Indaba Coffee on Broadway Ave

Grab some coffee and write code, together. Every first Monday of the month, local Pythonistas meet at a coffee shop to collaborate on code over hot beverages.

Previous Meetups

You can find our previous meetups here.