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Python C Extensions

September 19, 2023 | Meetup | Stream

In Python, developers have the option of writing subroutines in C and calling those functions directly from Python code. This results in significant speed improvements for computationally intensive tasks. At this month's meetup, we will be going over how we can write, compile, debug, and deploy C extensions for Python applications.


Michael Green is a core library developer at Crunch Cloud Analytics, a subsidiary of YouGov. Experienced in full-stack web application development, data analysis and visualization, and computational modeling. Multiple years of R&D work, resulting in the authoring of over 20 research manuscripts, featured and published in several of the top journals for materials science and photonics. Practiced orator, participating as an oral presenter for the American Chemical Society at Regional Conferences and the National Expo. Driven individual who possesses the desire to take on the greatest of challenges with logical and intelligent approach.