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Python Meets Radio

October 18, 2022 | Meetup


Wireless signals are all around us, from WiFi and Bluetooth, to airplanes, power meters, and car key fobs, signals are absolutely everywhere. In this talk, we hope to help answer two questions: 1) can I listen to signals around me, and 2) how can I use Python interact with them? We will introduce this topic, hook up our software-defined radios (SDRs), and show how GNU Radio and some Python magic can work together to listen to signals and send your own wireless messages. By the end, you'll have what you need for everything from garage doors to overhead airplanes.

This meetup will be both online and in-person. Our hosts will be joining us remotely from the Seattle area. Join us online on Zoom.


Maxwell “ꓘ” Dulin

Maxwell Dulin (also known as Strikeout) loves hacking all things under the sun. In his day job, he works as a security engineer primarily focused on web applications. But at night, he leaves the tangled web into the open space of radio signals, garage doors, scoreboards, RC cars, and pwn challenges. From the latter, he gained enough expertise to create a heap exploitation course that has been delivered at a number of security conferences, including DEFCON and CanSecWest. In his spare time, he has found Linux kernel 0-days, and reverse engineered numerous wireless devices. To summarize, if you put something in front of him, he'll find a way to break it and make it do what he wants.

Jesse Victors

Jesse Victors is a senior security engineer at Security Innovation. His technical interests include web and network security, privacy and anonymity systems, password cracking, and RF attacks. In the evening you can often find him in virtual reality games, fiddling with amateur radio antennas, and pipelining data from orbiting satellites using Python. Jesse has pursued information security since 2014.