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Intro to HTMX

April 16, 2024 | Meetup

Have (now) old school SPAs got you down? Not sure if you should start a new project in React, Vue, Next, Nuxt, Svelte, ....?!?

Never fear, we are here to give you another option - HTMX! Think of HTMX as a small js lib that adds some "missing" functionality to old school standard html tags and forms. It's trying to push back on the intense complexity of modern front end development and offer a different, simpler, path.

HTMX doubles down on the concept of HATEOS: HTML As The Engine Of State, and as such relies heavily on the backend to generate and return HTML. This is where Python comes in: every dreamed of using Python to develop both your back and front ends? You can! How? Join us and find out!

This is a joint event with our friends in the Go group: we will be showing HTMX implementations in both languages to explore the different ways to leverage this amazing little library.

If you want a great preview of HTMX check out this video: Creator of HTMX Talks HTMX.

Online meeting link: