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GitHub Actions and Robot Overlords

February 21, 2023 | Meetup

Join us this February for two presentations and open workshop!

GitHub Actions for Code Quality

David will show us setting up a GitHub repo with GitHub actions to run code quality automation such as linting and unit tests! Length: 20 minutes


Code Samples

Welcoming Our New Robot Overlords

Join Clayton (Data Analyst, AI Enthusiast) on an explorative jaunt through Azure’s Cognitive Services in a demo designed for novices by a certified Azure Data Science Associate who has led the development of ML models in the Financial Tech and Insurance spaces. Warning: may contain pythons. Length: 40 minutes

Open Workshop

After both of our wonderful presentations, we'll have some time for open workshop! Looking for someone to rubber duck program with? Have an idea you want to hack on with a new friend? Bring a laptop or just bring yourself, but come either way. If you don't have your own personal project, come help someone else or tackle an Advent of Code challenge with a fellow Pythonista. Length: 1 hour