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Python Microframeworks

November 14st, 2023 | Meetup | Stream

Note: we are meeting on the second Tuesday of the month due to the holidays in the third week of November.

Microframeworks are a common development tools for spinning up lightweight and minimalistic Python web applications. At this month's tech talk we'll demonstrate how to use these frameworks as a mechanism for building rest APIs that can be consumed by javascript SPAs. We'll also discuss the current landscape of microframeworks in Python, from Flask to FastAPI, touching on each frameworks advantages and use cases.


Michael Green is a Python developer with, a subsidiary of YouGov. His software development experience includes full-stack web application development, data analysis and visualization, and computational modeling/scientific computing. His previous position was as a research assistant at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where his work in applying machine learning to nanophotonics has been featured and published in several of the top journals for chemistry, physics, and materials science.


Will be added here after the meetup.